6 Stages of Meditation for the Peace of Mind

Stages of Meditation

What are the stages of meditation? Not so many people who are interested in doing meditation. Meanwhile, this activity has so many benefits for us physically and mentally. Indeed, it is not easy to make yourself highly concentrate during the meditation. However, the concentration and focus are not impossible to achieve even if you are still the beginners. There are also at least 6 stages of meditation you must pass through until you are really expert in this matter. What are the stages of meditation anyway? Check them out.

The following 6 Stages of Meditation for Peace of Mind


It is reasonable if you may have so many problems in minds. So, even before you start the meditation, you must have this intention; you want to let the problems out and clear your soul. In the beginning, it is indeed impossible to concentrate fast just like the experts. Therefore, it is much better to try it around 1-5 minutes. Then, you can stop for a while and you are allowed to think about anything else. Based on the stages of meditation book you may have found outside, there is no need to be in rush, just let it flow, and let your mind to concentrate and relax naturally.


To increase the meditation stages progress, you must realize that what on your mind not the reality is. There are probably some worries and fears while in fact, they are not exactly like that. So, all you need to do in the meditation is just to let such bad thoughts to go away. Even if there is indeed a big problem that you must face, keep on your minds that this will fade away soon. That’s why it is more recommended to do the meditation in such a quiet place particularly for the beginners. It is because you need to think more about yourself as well as realize that not all things around you are bad.


This is probably something that is quite difficult to do. Therefore, in some books, there are many more stages of meditation like 9 stages of meditation or even 10 stages of meditation. Well, it is because the more stages are spent in this part. Many things may make us disappointed and grief. They can be due to ourselves or other people. So, in this stage, you must let yourself to forgive all of them. You must keep this thing in mind; all people were born with all the goodness and badness in them. Meanwhile, forgiving the others is also the best way to reach real happiness. 


One step above forgiving, it is being sincere. This stage is considered important for the modern society that commonly has many ambitions to reach something or change the conditions. In the method of 5 stages of meditation or stages of meditation Buddhism, this stage is being highlighted more than the others. Well, although those things are indeed good, you must realize as well that your efforts can also be sometimes failed. So, aside from being encouraged to achieve something that you want, make sure also to be sincere if the result is different from your wish.


After forgiving and being sincere, you need to be grateful towards all things that you have had now. Sure, during the meditation, you don’t need to suddenly open your eyes and say thank you to anyone else. In the beginning, you can even convey your feelings in mind only. Not to forget, the gratitude is not only for anyone else but also to the God and you. This stage is also essential so that you will not complain too much about the things that have happened or still not to happen. 

Bury the Hatches

In this stage, you should be at peace with what you have now. This is also often called the top level of meditation levels of consciousness. What? It is because the people who have been in this level tend to be peace, calm, and much wiser. Just like the others, of course, they must have problems and they also need to solve them. However, the problems don’t make them confused, sad and hopeless. Otherwise, those people may change the problems into a chance to be the better human beings.

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