5 Meditation Positions to Apply in the Daily Life

Meditation Positions

How are the best meditation positions? In general, meditation can be defined as the mind exercises that can strengthen and flex the soul. Therefore, no matter how hard and depressing the problems to face now and in the future, it will not make ourselves feel bad and even stress. The main important thing in the meditation is to focus. It is so important anyway to apply certain meditation positions that ease us in focusing on the mind. Although the best position for certain people may be the worst one for the others, you indeed need to practice them all to find yours.

The following is the best meditation position commonly applied

Lotus Position

Lotus is also known as the Vajra position or Buddhist meditation posture. It is a position when your legs are crossed and the soles are on the upper part. The legs positions are indeed quite difficult for them who are not getting used to. But since this is considered the best position, you should try and learn about this one.

On the other hand, the palms are placed on the laps with straight fingers. The back must be sturdy and firm but it is still relaxed. This is important so that the energy can flow more freely as well as it gives more strength to meditate in the longer period of time. Meanwhile, although closing the eyes is recommended, you should not fantasy around while doing it.

Half-Lotus Position

This position is not so much different from the lotus position. The difference is only about the soles in which there is only one of them that are placed on the upper part. While another one, it can be covered by your thighs.

This position is intended for them who want to do the lotus position but still not able to practice it completely and perfectly. For the hands and others, it is not different from the lotus position.

Kneeling Position

Since the lotus and half-lotus positions are difficult for many people particularly in the areas of the legs, you can try a similar position but it is much easier. It is the kneeling position. Well, it is not literally kneeling as your knees become the main support. It is still the sitting down position but the knees and the soles are the only parts that touch the floor. Meanwhile, the other parts of the legs are floating or you can use support like a pillow to prop it.

For the other body parts, they are just the same as the lotus position. It is that your hands are on the laps, the eyes are closed, and so forth. The kneeling position is considered one of the best meditation positions for beginners as well as it is a good meditation posture back pain.

Sitting Down

There are some situations in which you cannot do the postures mentioned above. Well, for the elderly or you who have problems on legs, you can do these activities while sitting down. Sure, it means that you must prepare a chair that fits well to your body. Next, sit down on it with the following positions: both the back and legs must be straight and firm. Therefore, it also helps you to smooth the areas of the legs.

Meanwhile, for the meditation positions hands, they must also be on the laps with the sturdy posture as well. The eyes are closed just like in many meditation posture pictures.

Laying Down

Well, if you are in the condition that you cannot sit down well, you are allowed to do the meditation process while lying down. There are some tools to be prepared in the meditation positions lying down. Prepare a mattress that is soft and smooth but it should not be too thick. Besides, there should also be the pillow to support your head. Make sure that you are lying down in the right position. It should be straight and sturdy starting from the head to the feet. Next, you can close your eyes.
For the hands, the positions are above your stomach. Do all the process of meditation including the relaxation. Sure, you should put efforts so that you will not fall asleep this time. After doing the meditation for around 15 minutes, it is not bad to continue it with sleeping.

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