How Long to Meditate to Get Rid of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

How Long to Meditate

Knowing how long to meditate can help you to do the process effectively without wasting time to relieve anxiety, stress or depression. Of course, you can try many meditation techniques. The fact is that the answer of how long to meditate can't be precise because everybody has their own time to relieve anxiety, stress, or depression. Therefore, you should the limit of how long to mediate based on your skill and the condition of your mind and body.

The following is an explanation of  how long meditation is

Time needed for a meditation

People may ask how long to meditate for anxiety. The meditation method is varied and it can be long or short, depending on how well you do the entire process. If you are asking how long to meditate for beginners, then you can start by having a meditation session once a day for ten minutes. As time goes by, you can increase the duration and frequency of the meditation. 10 minutes of meditation a day is enough time to create a habit. As for the meditation method, you can try the mindfulness meditation to focus your mind and blow away the negative past events that can disturb your mind and create anxiety, stress, and depression. 

The effects of meditation after one month is that you will create a good habit where you will crave for more meditation each day. This will lead you to have long meditation sessions once you feel that 10 minutes is too short for your meditation process. Make sure that you pick the right time when you are doing the meditation to ensure the quality of it. No matter on what time you do the meditation, the key is to be consistent so that the habit will be recorded into your brain.  

Going for shorter or longer meditation 

To tell you the truth, there is no clear answer if you are asking whether to go for a shorter or longer meditation. This is because each person has different ability to maintain focus and concentration, resulting in various effective meditation time. But the basic logic is that if your anxiety, depression, and stress is really bad, then you have to take a longer meditation time. 

Many people ask how much meditation is enough. A person can meditate for hours and some can only meditate below 30 minutes. The important value of having a meditation is to get rid of anxiety, depression, and stress in the most comfortable way. If you are having a comfortable 30 minutes meditation, then you should keep doing it until it becomes a habit. No matter how short or long the meditation time is, the one that feels the effect of the meditation is you. If you think that longer meditation session can ease your anxiety, stress, and depression that you should try and see the result. Based on that, you can create a new meditation habit to better in fighting depression, anxiety, and stress.

Go to a professional

Your last weapon to fight anxiety, stress, and depression is to call a professional or psychologist. A psychologist is the best person to get you back into the right track after being hit by depression, anxiety, and stress. They will give you ways to ease off the uncomfortable feeling. You will have a consultation occasionally in one week. The frequency of the consultation depends on how bad your anxiety, stress, or depression problem is. 

A psychologist will make you feel relaxed after you tell him/her what you currently feel at the current state. Then, the psychologist will respond to you in a way that you can start to ease off the uncomfortable feeling bit by bit. Going to a psychologist is mandatory if you can't get off your anxiety, depression, and stress by yourself or those feelings won't go away even after you tell your problems to other people such as family or close friend. 

Combining the meditation and consulting to a psychologist is an effective way to get rid of chronic depression, anxiety, and stress. Some people believe that this is the best way so that you won't feel uncomfortable from a tiny distraction or problem. Routinely go to your psychologist according to the agreed schedule and maintain your meditation habit. How long to meditate to remove anxiety, stress, and depression is also the key to make yourself better.

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