5 Things to Do for the Meditation Stages Progress

Meditation Stages Progress

Talking about meditation, it cannot be easily separated from the meditation stages progress. The important matter in term of meditation is the focus. It sounds simple indeed but not all people can do it. Sure, there are many things in our minds like the works, relationship, family, friends, and still many more. When you try to focus on one matter only, there must be anything else to come in mind. That’s why, today’s people are stress and depression-prone. So, if you don’t want to experience such things, it is not bad to take a meditation class from now. To learn more about this activity, here is the meditation stages progress to know.

learn more about the progress of Stages of Meditation

Manage the Respiratory System

There are many versions of meditation. They are 5 stages of meditation, 9 stages of meditation, or 10 stages of meditation. Whatever they are, all of them must be started by the respiratory management. Managing the respiratory is basically one of the oldest meditation techniques. Interestingly, it is known as the best way to improve the focus and concentration. You should not try hard or put too many efforts in it and let your body do it naturally. Make sure also to do it comfortably and your heart is beaten regularly. This way, the bloodstream to the brain is done more smoothly.

Respect Your Emotion

Have you ever experienced any bad matter? Sure, that time, your emotion can just be really worse. During the meditation, you should not fight against the emotion. You are even suggested to feel it and let your body respond to it. Later, you can just release this bad experience and you will feel way much better. This technique can be found on the stages of meditation Buddhism. If you are able to control your emotion that way, it means you have successfully focused on meditation.

Sit Down in Peace

For the experts, meditation process can be done anytime and anywhere even in the rousing place. But for the beginners, sure, it is recommended to do the meditation the quiet place. It can be your own bedroom, book a hotel room, or anywhere as long as you feel calm and comfortable while being in it. Train your body and mind by sitting down around 10 minutes. Focus yourself to the happy experiences. There are many guide books or stages of meditationpdf that require you to sit down in a particular position. You actually don’t need to follow them exactly. Just make sure that you feel really comfortable in the position.

Do It Simply

If you see the others who do the meditation, most of them must be really calm and not move even a little bit. Actually, it is not exactly that way. The reason why you are not allowed to move too much is that it may lose your concentration. But if you think you can still concentrate or focus even with the movement, it is no matter to move a little bit. Just do the meditation simply. The keywords of meditation are actually being comfortable and relaxed until you can focus and concentrate. Yes, the focus and concentration are the signs of progress in meditation.

Make a Wish or Pray

When you have been physically and emotionally focused, it is not bad to utter or think about your wishes or say a prayer. In the past, people commonly used this moment to utter the spell anyway. Besides, you should also be sincere and grateful with what you experience and find. No matter how hard the problem you have faced, if you can receive it as the part of your life, it means you have already been in the last stage of meditation.

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