The Best Meditation Hand Positions

Meditation Hand Positions

This article will give you good information about meditation position hands. Meditation which is usually done while sitting is a kind of practice that is used to get mind awareness. During meditation, the way of your hand's position is able to deepen the practice of yours. It can also unlock the energy which is blocked. So, what are meditation position hands? Well, this meditation is also called as "mudras," in which this position of hand can also maintain the posture and it help you to focus during you do this sitting meditation. Now, let’s see the explanation of meditation position hands!

The following is an explanation of the position of hand meditation

The Mudra of Gian 

One of the mudra hand positions meditation that everyone often uses it in a hand meditation is known as "mura gian." To do that, start with a sitting position comfortably. You can relax naturally your arms to the side. Do it with your wrist touching upon your knees. Touch your thumb and index finger and. Specific mudras are said to produce wisdom, knowledge, gratitude, and calm. The kind of this position is to make your index finger lower to the fold of the thumb. This variation of position is known to produce energy which is more protective and active.

The Mudra prayer

The other kind of hand mudras is mudra prayer. Mudra prayer or mudra poetry is the position of the hand which is most often described in the Buddha image. In the mudra prayer, bring your hand palm to the center of your chest together. Let your elbows comfortably relax. This kind of mudra is exactly used to focus and also balance your energy and body. The variation is bending slightly your finger, letting the air pass through your hands and fingers. The deceased teacher T. Krishnamacharya said that this variation basically symbolized your heart opening.

The Hand of Venus

If you ever pinch your finger and hand over your lap while you are meditating you really do a general mudra. This kind of position is called "Venus". This meditation hand position meaning is because this finger meditation produces energy related to Venus planet, sexuality and love. For women, exactly the fingers must be intertwined at the bottom with their little finger of the right hand. Meanwhile, for a man, their little finger of the left hand must be under.

The Mudra of Buddhi

"The mudra of buddhi" is the position of the hand which is used to produce and strengthen the communication power. How are the Buddhist meditation hand positions? While you are sitting comfortably, to each side you can relax your arms with your wrist touching upon your own knees. Bring your thumbs and small fingertips to touch. If you practice it regularly, this mudra is able to make your communication become more clear and intuitive.

The Benefits of Meditation

Every position of hand meditation is good because each of them has meditation hand positions meanings. then, they also have some benefits. What are they?

Reduce stress

Stress can occur at any time. When stress arises, the hormone cortisol levels in the body will increase and the body will release inflammatory stimulating chemicals called cytokines.

Fight depression

Long-term stress without treatment can end in depression. Meditation provides calm and comforts so that it is used as therapy to fight depression.

Control your anxiety

Apart from stress, some people can also feel anxiety that is sometimes excessive. A study looked at 2,466 participants who carried out various meditation strategies in different ways to deal with anxiety.
As a result, people who follow yoga meditation are able to reduce anxiety levels.

Improve sleep quality

Stress, depression, and anxiety can make it difficult for us to sleep. A bad mental condition coupled with a body that lacks rest will make matters worse.
Although it can be overcome with sleeping pills, the use of pills often causes adverse side effects. For this reason, meditation is considered the safest way to deal with insomnia.
Those are the explanation of meditation position hands.

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