What are the Meditation Positions Lying Down?

Meditation Positions Lying Down

Do you know what the meditation positions lying down are? In forging in a studio, hermitage, temple, spiritual walkers practice the meditation by using four different postures. They practice the meditation with the awareness of the mind when walking, standing, sitting and lying down (sleeping). They must fully build awareness at all times under any conditions. The main position of the body in meditation is to sit cross-legged with your back straight. But generally spiritual walkers find it difficult to sit for hours without changing positions. So this position needs to be continued with the meditation positions lying down as the stage to undergo sleep meditation. In the reclining position as an exercise to go to "lying down or chakra meditation", we need practice. After a few weeks of meditating, we can easily get used to it. Now, let’s see the explanation of meditation positions lying down!

Steps of meditation lying down

Well, how to meditate before sleep and how to meditate in bed for beginners? Below is lying down meditation guided:

The first stage

In the first movement, the movement lifts the mind. It may be rather the same as the chakra meditation lying down. spiritual walkers experience mild feelings. When experiencing a sense of light they "see" the element of fire. One aspect of the element of fire is to make things lighter. When things become lighter they can lift their minds. We feel the essence of the element of fire. Not only that. When the mind is lifted there are other elements that also work. After that occurs the movement of the mind moves up.

The second stage

The next step is to push the mind forward. It is different from meditating lying down reddit. When the mind is pushed forward the main element that influences the movement is the air element. Because movement (in this case there is a pushing motion) is one of the main properties of the air element. So, when really looking at the movement of the advanced mind is actually "seeing" the essence of the air element.

The third stage

The next stage of meditation is the movement of lowering the mind. When spiritual walkers put their minds down there is a kind of violence on the mind. Hardness is a characteristic of the element of water. The water element is seeping and thickening. When the liquid becomes heavy, it thickens. So, when experiencing a sense of heaviness in their consciousness they actually experience the operation of the element of water. We experience violence and tenderness from the mind that touches the base of consciousness. The contact between mind and foundation experiences its unique natural state. This condition is influenced by soil elements. When you do this, you may feel like doing a lying down meditation third eye.

The fourth stage

One step of concentration but observing many processes. It may include transcendental meditation lying down. They can observe the four main elements and realize all four naturally. This situation is only experienced by those who practice seriously. When they continue to practice lying down they will realize that at every movement there are thoughts that record or supervise each of these movements. The same process appears when making a movement to suppress consciousness to the runway. At that time there was a pressing movement and the emergence of supervision of the movement. In this way we understand that along with stepping in there is a movement of consciousness or inner supervision. While awareness movements belong to material groups or forms. Well, if you are able, you can do lying down third eye meditation.

At that time the spiritual walkers will understand the mind and body appear and disappear at any time. At one time there was a raised awareness and the emergence of raising consciousness. The next moment there is an awareness movement pushing forward and the awareness that sees the movement. And so on. From here comes the understanding of the workings of the mind and body pair that arise and disappear at any time. It's just that understanding or understanding of the emergence and disappearance of mind and body at this time will only occur for those who practice in earnest. There are other things that will be found. That is the emergence of a series of wills or intentions that result in every movement.

Well, those are the explanations of meditation positions lying down.

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