10 Stages of Meditation to Acknowledge in Details

10 Stages of Meditation

There are 10 stages of meditation, aren’t they? There are many assumptions regarding this matter. Some people may say there are 9 stages of meditation or even 5 stages of meditation. However, if you want to read the explanations in more details, there are indeed 10 stages of meditation to be passed through. What are they and how to do them properly? Here they are.

10 stages of meditation that must be passed

Do Meditation Regularly

Although it is suggested to do meditation every day, you indeed need to spare the time to do it regularly. Well, it can be around once in two days, once in three days, or once a week. It is better if the meditation is done before you do the daily activities like working, going to school, or just managing the household. 

Focus on Respiratory

The main thing in meditation is the way you breathe. So, start the meditation process by focusing on the way you breathe. You can take a breath slowly, smoothly, and deeply. Next, release slowly as well while feeling the rhythm along with your heartbeat. If the breath can just be managed well, it means that you have passed through 50% of the meditation process.

Warm Your Body Up

To support the meditation stages progress, it is better to warm your body up first just like when you want to do exercises. In fact, meditation may let you spend many hours to sit down. Therefore, to avoid the problems like fatigue, do the warming up like stretching. This process can be done whether you are laying or sitting down. However, you should not do it too over that causes you to feel tired even before the meditation is started.

Focus on Your Mind

If you think that meditation is only sitting down without doing anything, you are definitely wrong. Meditation is an active process that is beneficial if you are focused on one purpose. So, do the meditation to achieve something. Some examples are for relaxation, healing stress, and the others. Then, what is on your mind should be the thing you want to achieve. Interestingly, many cultures and religions have taught it including in the stages of meditation Buddhism.

Be More Discipline

Sure, there are many temptations around that may make you less focus or even leave the meditation at all. In fact, the benefits of meditation can just felt more if you are disciplined. It should be not a big deal to go to a quiet place only for 15 minutes for this activity. During this time period, there should be no one to disturb you including your kids or best friends.

Be Simple

Although there are many meditation rules in the guidebooks, not all of them are necessarily true. Even the best way of meditation is when you can be focused in a simpler and easier way. If you cannot focus and concentrate when you are 100% quiet, you can do it while moving your body a little bit.

Release Your Emotion

Although it is said that meditation is a way to heal the stress, it doesn’t mean you let forget the problems. You are even asked to enjoy them, no matter how hard and painful they are. It covers some levels of meditation levels of consciousness indeed. After releasing the emotion, your mind can feel much better anyway.

Be Sincere and Honest

As the continuity of releasing the emotion, you need to be sincere and honest. Not all things can be reached and kept anyway. So, for those things you cannot reach and keep forever, it is not bad to let them go. But sure, you must not give up as well. Make yourself sure that there are the other big chance in the future.

Be Grateful

This is the last stage of meditation or so-called the highest level of meditation. Well, whoever you are and what you have now, you need to be grateful. Utter the gratitude on your mind, for the God, yourself, and anybody else around for their love for you.

Do Some Experiments

Meditation is not only related to one particular way. If you read the literature about this activity, there are even some kinds of unique meditation you have probably never heard before. Some of them are the moving meditation, walking meditation, and many more. So, try them all and choose one the most necessary for you.

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